Welcome to “Winter Storm”

 Cumberland Homesteads National Historic District

Crossville, Tennessee


Why not spend your next vacation in

a house that feels as comfortable as

your grandmother’s kitchen?  You

can almost smell the cookies baking!

It is located in a National Historic

District on the Cumberland Plateau.

Two museums in the historic district

explain the 1930’s era when America

was at its worst and its best.  These

were tough times, and it took a

generation of people like the

Cumberland Homesteaders to pull

the country through.  Their hard

work, idealism, honesty, faith in God,

and trust in their government turned the situation around. The house is one of 250 sandstone cottages built during the presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt, as a part of his “New Deal.”  This federal housing project was designed to retrain unemployed miners and farmers hit hard by the depression and put them back to work during the Great Depression of the 1930’s. The houses were built by unskilled men, who were learning new skills to become stone masons, electricians, carpenters, and plumbers.  This alone made each of the houses unique.    However, it made repairs hard to perform, because everything in the house was hand made by unskilled workers. The new skills the men learned on the job proved to be invaluable just a few short years later, with the construction of the nearby “secret city” of Oak Ridge, Tennessee.  Many of the retrained men found jobs after the depression at Oak Ridge during World War II.   Crossville also became an area where captured enemy soldiers waited out the war before they were released.  History buffs will find many other things of interest in the area!


Over the years, many families have lived in “Winter Storm.”  It is not untouched by having been “lived in” by families over the years.  We have tried to make it as comfortable as possible, without structurally changing the house.  The house consists of three bedrooms, living/dining area, kitchen, and one bath.  It is built of field stone, with pine paneled walls, and hardwood floors.  Furniture and appliances are furnished; there is a kitchen range, refrigerator, washer, dryer, and a small upright freezer.  Cable TV and a telephone for local calls are also furnished.  It is heated with gas for winter months.   The house is air conditioned for summer months.  However, we prefer to open the windows and feel the breeze that blows throughout the year on the mountain.  The house will sleep two to six adults comfortably, and four small children.  The house is located on three acres of land offering privacy, and a nearby pond offers a chance to kick-back, tease the fish, daydream or just be lazy for a while.  The house is located six miles from Crossville, where you will find numerous restaurants and opportunities for shopping.  Crossville is known as the “Golf Capital of Tennessee.” If you are a golfer, bring your clubs.  There are over ten golf courses locally.    Cumberland Mountain State Park is one mile from the house.  It is a wonderful opportunity for an early morning run or hike. We highly recommend the restaurant at the State Park.  It has been a favorite eating spot for the “locals” since the 1930’s and 1940’s.    However, the 1950’s Saturday night dances around the old Wurlitzer juke box at the park are just memories for aging “Big Boppers” of the Crossville area now.